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Times of Tragedy

ISIS attacked the peaceful nation of France and caused hackers around the world to step up and declare war.

The group called Anonymous embodies the outrage felt around the world. As a result, many countries unite in an effort to stop ISIS terrorists once and for all.

Tragedies can create an awakening for people to grasp the greater perspective of humanity. Enemies can find common ground as they mourn the evil acts of others.

Even social media like Facebook found a way to remember and honor France in response to the recent attacks.

People express sympathy because of the innate desire to serve others. The ability to comfort, console, and care for others unite us as a species.

According to the Department of Psychology website, everyone experiences empathy in different degrees which allows people to relate and helps them to ignore their differences.

One tragedy may impact human emotion more than another. For instance, according to Stephen Sestanovich from the Wall Street Journal, twice as many people were killed in the commercial flight that crashed over Sinai last month, yet it was quickly forgotten.

Politics might influence the public’s reaction to tragedies when comparing the plane crash and the attacks on Paris. France received many more condolences despite the fact that both incidents connected back to ISIS.

Regardless of the politics, perhaps Anonymous had the right idea. People should use whatever skills they may possess in an effort to stop further tragedies from occurring.

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Church Hopping

A Catholic priest speaking monotonous latin to a Baptist congregation might trigger anarchy among the members.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently changed a policy regarding children that have homosexual parents. Understanding the policies and standards of different churches will encourage an informed opinion about their unique practices.

The worship services for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include a more traditional and conservative style. They emphasize strongly the doctrine of eternal families, which explains why they avoid promoting same-sex marriage.

The new policy states that children that live with same-sex parents must wait until they are 18 before they can be baptized. They must also denounce the practice of same-sex marriage to adhere to church standards.

Policies and standards of the church can be changed according to the counsel of the leaders of the Mormon Church. Other behaviors and social norms vary at times, depending on location and the number of members living there.

In most places the common dress code for meetings in the Mormon Church include a white shirt and tie for men, and dresses or skirts for women. Church leaders encourage the dress code but any dress standard is accepted.

Members from the congregation speak on a variety of different topics about the gospel of Jesus Christ in a reverent meeting called the sacrament. Members feel the spirit as they reflect quietly on the messages delivered.

Ideally, the meeting will be silent but go to a service and observe the screaming children and crushed cheerios. Clearly the family and individual members matter here.

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Classroom Pet Peeves


Have you ever noticed that one of the worst places to learn is a classroom? When we understand what bothers the people around us we can avoid specific behaviors and enhance the learning atmosphere. As normal human beings, we typically don’t pursue relationships with the people that drive us nuts. Focusing on pet peeves that many people have with their peers in the classroom will make people aware of annoying behaviors. If you feel like you’ve been getting death glares from your fellow classmates, these tips will come in handy.

The Nuisance of Noise

According to Catie Simpson on her blog, any form of unnecessary noise will irritate most students. People that talk during class are considered disrespectful and disruptive. Not only do they prevent themselves from learning the class material, they also hinder those around them from paying attention. Any potential side conversations should wait until after the class is finished or another appropriate time.

The Psychology Department at Georgia Southern University had a discussion between students and professors to analyze different pet peeves. Despite popular belief, there is such a thing as a dumb question. When the teacher clearly explains a topic and there are multiple questions about minor or unnecessary details, it wastes class time. Also if the question only pertains to an individual circumstance, be considerate to others in the class by asking the question outside of class time.

Other noises are more difficult to control but they remain a pet peeve to many people. Coughing, for instance, is an understandable illness that can make it hard to resist the urge to cough in public. According to popular blogger Jeannie Crofts, coughing creates tension and disgust from the healthy individuals that are around the person with an illness. Do us all a favor and stay home to recover.

Learning doesn’t have to be a grueling experience. Instead, we can enjoy a classroom setting as we follow basic social norms.


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Driving Etiquette

Social norms for driving can be confined into two basic categories. The importance of obeying traffic laws and being a defensive driver. As long as a person conforms to these principles, driving etiquette will be achieved.

Obey the Laws

In order to obey the laws we need to have an understanding of what the laws even are. Considering that there are multiple traffic laws, we’re only going to focus on a few that will improve the driving quality of the public.

There is no such thing as multi tasking. A person that thinks they can text, eat, shave, or put on eyeliner while driving is only putting themselves and others at risk. Although it may seem like a simple task, it takes your attention away from the road and surroundings. According to, distraced driving caused the deaths of 3,154 people in 2013.

The speed limit is there for a reason so follow it. It’s acceptable to go as much as five miles over the speed limit without the risk of a ticket. According to the Nebraska Department of Roads, creating a speed limit requires a meticulous and calculated process. A person that speeds ten miles faster than the speed limit only saves about two minutes for every ten miles. So it’s not worth risking a ticket or lives to speed.

Defensive Driving

According to the National Safety Council, “motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace and the cost of a single accident could easily exceed $1.4 million. A defensive driver safety program can reduce risk and keep people safer on the road”.

Be aware of your surroundings and be cautious of other drivers. Always be prepared for worse-case scenarios like cars stopping suddenly, children running into the street, or bad weather. Tailgating causes many preventable car accidents so don’t do it. Avoid tailgating other vehicles to protect yourself from other reckless or impatient drivers.


Understand that people aren’t perfect; mistakes and accidents happen all the time on the road. Don’t let road rage get the best of you! Or you could end up like the man in this YouTube video that unknowingly antagonized Evander Holyfield. Follow these guidelines and help keep the roads a safe place.

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Dating Tips

Have you ever felt victorious after a first date but the second date never happens? When social norms are violated in the dating realm, the expected outcome equals no return appointment. However, with shifting ideals like the rising feminist movement, it can be hard to determine appropriate behavior. Based on studies and research, there are three main concepts that enhance our dating skills.


According to Life Coach Amy Schoen, a graduate of Georgetown, the importance of effective communication encompasses both genders. Prior to a first date, get to know the person and pay attention to the things they like or dislike. This will help establish activities that are mutually enjoyed to avoid a disappointing or awkward moment.

Amy goes on to say that it’s crucial for both genders to be honest, kind, and positive as they interact. This creates a perfect foundation for future success in a relationship.


In most public polls, people say they want a date that is confident and assertive. According to psychologist and TV host, Dr. Phil McGraw in his book Love Smart, the value of this particular attribute is often ignored. Why are people attracted to those with a confident demeanor?

Dr. Phil says that it demonstrates a person’s ability to love themselves and their decisions. When we have higher self-esteem, it makes it easier for us to love and care for those around us. He also provides a list of dos and don’ts that establish a helpful guide for boosting confidence.


According to, there are quite a few technical behaviors that promote success during a date. The purpose of taking a person on a date should be to get to know them so ask your date questions and LISTEN to their responses. Being self-centered is a turn off in most situations, so avoid it. In relation to this topic, don’t text throughout the entire date but give them your undivided attention.

Other helpful tools include maintaining good hygiene and being punctual. says that statistically, a well-groomed and neat appearance is preferred. When a person looks good and smells good, they feel good.

As these three ‘C’ principles are applied, you’ll learn to enjoy dates rather than suffer through them. Put it to the test!

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Common Sense

Expectations establish a functioning society. Laws, rules, and regulations determine the activities and behaviors we can or can’t do. For instance, it’s these laws that prevent a Justin Bieber fanatic from rushing to the store and stealing every soundtrack and poster available.

But what about those circumstances that seem to have unwritten rules or mysterious boundaries? We all experience those moments of being trapped in an awkward situation without any knowledge of how we got there.

Don’t worry, hope exists! This blog will end the notion of unwritten rules. It’s time to get on the same page as a society and establish those elusive social norms. Learn important behaviors like dating etiquette, proper driving skills, student survival, and much more. Say goodbye to frustration and confusion as you pursue an education in common sense.

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