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Times of Tragedy

ISIS attacked the peaceful nation of France and caused hackers around the world to step up and declare war.

The group called Anonymous embodies the outrage felt around the world. As a result, many countries unite in an effort to stop ISIS terrorists once and for all.

Tragedies can create an awakening for people to grasp the greater perspective of humanity. Enemies can find common ground as they mourn the evil acts of others.

Even social media like Facebook found a way to remember and honor France in response to the recent attacks.

People express sympathy because of the innate desire to serve others. The ability to comfort, console, and care for others unite us as a species.

According to the Department of Psychology website, everyone experiences empathy in different degrees which allows people to relate and helps them to ignore their differences.

One tragedy may impact human emotion more than another. For instance, according to Stephen Sestanovich from the Wall Street Journal, twice as many people were killed in the commercial flight that crashed over Sinai last month, yet it was quickly forgotten.

Politics might influence the public’s reaction to tragedies when comparing the plane crash and the attacks on Paris. France received many more condolences despite the fact that both incidents connected back to ISIS.

Regardless of the politics, perhaps Anonymous had the right idea. People should use whatever skills they may possess in an effort to stop further tragedies from occurring.

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Church Hopping

A Catholic priest speaking monotonous latin to a Baptist congregation might trigger anarchy among the members.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently changed a policy regarding children that have homosexual parents. Understanding the policies and standards of different churches will encourage an informed opinion about their unique practices.

The worship services for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include a more traditional and conservative style. They emphasize strongly the doctrine of eternal families, which explains why they avoid promoting same-sex marriage.

The new policy states that children that live with same-sex parents must wait until they are 18 before they can be baptized. They must also denounce the practice of same-sex marriage to adhere to church standards.

Policies and standards of the church can be changed according to the counsel of the leaders of the Mormon Church. Other behaviors and social norms vary at times, depending on location and the number of members living there.

In most places the common dress code for meetings in the Mormon Church include a white shirt and tie for men, and dresses or skirts for women. Church leaders encourage the dress code but any dress standard is accepted.

Members from the congregation speak on a variety of different topics about the gospel of Jesus Christ in a reverent meeting called the sacrament. Members feel the spirit as they reflect quietly on the messages delivered.

Ideally, the meeting will be silent but go to a service and observe the screaming children and crushed cheerios. Clearly the family and individual members matter here.

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