Dating Tips

29 Sep

Have you ever felt victorious after a first date but the second date never happens? When social norms are violated in the dating realm, the expected outcome equals no return appointment. However, with shifting ideals like the rising feminist movement, it can be hard to determine appropriate behavior. Based on studies and research, there are three main concepts that enhance our dating skills.


According to Life Coach Amy Schoen, a graduate of Georgetown, the importance of effective communication encompasses both genders. Prior to a first date, get to know the person and pay attention to the things they like or dislike. This will help establish activities that are mutually enjoyed to avoid a disappointing or awkward moment.

Amy goes on to say that it’s crucial for both genders to be honest, kind, and positive as they interact. This creates a perfect foundation for future success in a relationship.


In most public polls, people say they want a date that is confident and assertive. According to psychologist and TV host, Dr. Phil McGraw in his book Love Smart, the value of this particular attribute is often ignored. Why are people attracted to those with a confident demeanor?

Dr. Phil says that it demonstrates a person’s ability to love themselves and their decisions. When we have higher self-esteem, it makes it easier for us to love and care for those around us. He also provides a list of dos and don’ts that establish a helpful guide for boosting confidence.


According to, there are quite a few technical behaviors that promote success during a date. The purpose of taking a person on a date should be to get to know them so ask your date questions and LISTEN to their responses. Being self-centered is a turn off in most situations, so avoid it. In relation to this topic, don’t text throughout the entire date but give them your undivided attention.

Other helpful tools include maintaining good hygiene and being punctual. says that statistically, a well-groomed and neat appearance is preferred. When a person looks good and smells good, they feel good.

As these three ‘C’ principles are applied, you’ll learn to enjoy dates rather than suffer through them. Put it to the test!

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